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Ol' Tyme Good Humor Ice Cream

The season is now over however, you can still enjoy Good Humor ice cream! If you would like to purchase any of my products send me a note and I'll be in touch.

Cream Puff came to us via Salt Lake City, Utah, and was transported across the country to her new home in Canton, Michigan. Born in 1973 as a Ford Chassis Cab, she was sent to Hackney Brothers Body (Nash County North Caroline) where her freezer was installed (from the cab back). Once built, we believe she was shipped to a Good Humor Distributor in Florida to be used along the boardwalk. She is one of just two 1973 models built by Good Humor for their distributors.  Good Humor actually stopped making original Chassis Cab style trucks in 1969, and went to the step van trucks which were more efficient and easier to work out of.  Apparently the Florida distributor asked Good Humor if they would make him a couple of original style trucks for use along the boardwalk, and Cream Puff is one of the two.